Management Solutions for Fruit Pest in Ontario

November 07, 2014

The Ontario Berry Growers Association (OBGA) is working with industry representatives to respond to spotted wing drosophila (SWD); an invasive insect which threatens the fresh market quality of berry crops. Up to $28,867 will be accessed through the Ontario Farm Innovation Program (OFIP), to provide growers and stakeholders with information on the biology, population dynamics and management of SWD.

A regional monitoring program across Ontario is being used to learn about SWD population dynamics and how trap catches of SWD adults relate to fruit infestations of SWD larvae. The results of the study are being shared with researchers who are developing population models, searching for biological controls and developing new strategies for control. Following these steps, the aim is to increase knowledge sharing, encourage best practices, and develop knowledge transfer products.

To date, a significant portion of this project has been completed. Traps were placed in 60 strategic locations across Ontario representing the major fruit growing regions. More than 200 samples of fruit were collected from specific crops at regular intervals and rearing of SWD was used ...

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