Cut Waste, Grow Profit - Second Annual Food Waste Fourm

August 07, 2013

August 8, 2013 - The second annual 2013 Cut Waste, GROW PROFIT™ Food Waste Forum takes place on November 12, 2013.

This year the forum is limited to only 100 registrants. This year's event will build on last year's inaugural forum and the Value Chain Management Centre's May 30, 2013 white paper, which described proven ways to reduce food waste and associated wastes (including energy, water, labour, etc.) along the value chain. The report highlights how farmers and agri-food businesses benefit financially through reducing waste and provides guidance on how any size of business can incrementally improve its performance. [Report link: www.vcm-international.com/our-work/white-papers/]

The forum will open with Dr. Michael Bloom, Vice-President, Organizational Effectiveness and  Learning, The Conference Board of Canada. Michael will provide a macro picture of Canada’s food waste situation and current initiatives. This will be followed by representatives from along the value chain (retailer, processor, and foodservice) outlining what their companies are doing to reduce food waste and why.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Peter Whitehead, former Director of the UK’s Food Chain Centre and now a coordinator of WRAP’s (Waste Reduction Action Plan) business-level waste reduction programs, is a global leader on food waste. Peter will present insights into how he has worked with businesses to identify and reduce food waste along the value chain over the last 10 years. He will also address the opportunities that exist to more extensively exploit lessons learned across the international food industry.

The afternoon will feature Jeanne von Zastrow, Senior Director, Sustainability, Food Marketing Institute, who will detail US best practices in food waste reduction. Jeanne’s presentation will be followed by representatives from food industry organizations highlighting their efforts to reduce waste across the wider industry.

To tie it all together, the final session will be a workshop, designed to enable participants to implement what they have learned from the day's case studies and presentations in their own business or organization.

The forum website can be found at: www.cutwastegrowprofit.com and early bird registration is available until September 1, 2013.

Investment in this project was provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Adaptation Programming and administered by the Agricultural Adaptation Council.


The Value Chain Management Centre is a division of Value Chain Management International Inc.(VCMI). VCMI is dedicated to enabling businesses, primarily in the agricultural and food industry, enhance their long-term profitability and environmental sustainability. The company achieves this by enabling businesses to develop close consumer-focused relationships with customers and suppliers, which provides them with the ability to adapt to changing market conditions and mitigate risks more effectively than if working unilaterally.

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