AAC announces 2016-2017 board of directors

December 12, 2016 – The Agricultural Adaptation Council (AAC) is pleased to announce the 2016-2017 board of directors. The board election took place at the 21st Annual General Meeting on December 8, 2016 in Guelph.

The AAC’s 64 member organizations annually elect 16 directors to serve on the AAC board. They are joined by 2, non-voting, liaisons from the federal and provincial government. Since 1995, the AAC board has approved over $269 million in federal and provincial funding to support over 3,340 projects.

“I am proud to serve on a board that represents the diverse agriculture and agri-food industry in Ontario,” says Kelly Duffy, newly elected AAC Chair, “The funding decisions made by the AAC board provide long term benefits impacting future generations.”

Representatives elected to the 2016-2017 AAC board of directors are:

Chair: Kelly Duffy, Agri-business/Retail/Food Processor
Vice Chair: Chris Hiemstra, Other Industries/Commodity Groups
Secretary: Peggy Brekveld, General Farm Interest
Treasurer: Joe Hill, Livestock

Doug Alexander, Agri-business/Retail/Food Processor
Keith Black, Grains/Seeds/Oilseeds/Specialty Crops
Henry Denotter, Other Organizations
Ray Duc, Horticulture
Dennis Fischer, Livestock
Mark Huston, Youth-at-Large
Cor Kapetyn, Supply Management
Ed Scharringa, General Farm Interest
Will Vanderhorst, Supply Management
Jason Verkaik, Horticulture
Tori Waugh, Youth-at-Large
Brian Wiley, Grains/Seeds/Oilseeds/Specialty Crops

The AAC is a grassroots, industry-driven organization that drives innovation and growth in Ontario's agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products industry. To learn more about the AAC please visit: www.adaptcouncil.org or follow us on Twitter @adaptcouncil.