Funding program delivery transfer unexpected by Agricultural Adaptation Council

Announcement disrupts many successful years of program delivery by AAC for the province

Guelph, ON - The Agricultural Adaptation Council is shocked by a decision by the provincial government to end its role as a cost-effective delivery agent of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) to organizations and collaborations.

AAC began delivering CAP, a federal-provincial cost share program, in 2018, continuing a long-running and productive relationship with the province that has benefited from the organization’s highly successful and fiscally responsible program delivery model, a model that has been in place for over 23 years.

“We are shocked at the announcement made by the province – the decision to abandon industry-led delivery is a blow to the Ontario agriculture and agri-food industry,” says AAC Chair Kelly Duffy. “Every sector and every Ontarian is trying to do more with less and the AAC is part of the solution as our program delivery is widely recognized as efficient, effective and timely.”

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs will be taking over administration of the CAP. AAC is awaiting additional details from the province about the transition, and is committed to finding other sources of funding to continue the work of making those in the Ontario agriculture and agri-food industry more prosperous and successful.

“This decision will not impact AAC’s ability to honour our commitments with other industry partners,” says Duffy. “We appreciate the support of our members and will continue to serve them as we work through this transition.”

The Agricultural Adaptation Council is a not-for-profit organization with 67 Ontario agricultural, agri-food and rural organization members and has been a recognized leader in program delivery for over 20 years, committing approximately $300 million in support of more than 3,800 projects for Ontario’s agriculture and agri-food industry since that time.

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