Becoming an AAC Member Organization

Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunity to attend two members' only industry networking events

  • Regular updates on information concerning the ongoing activities of the Council
  • Promotion of your organization in the AAC newsletter and website
  • Insight into primary agriculture and agri-food sector trends, priorities and issues
  • Participation in nominations or the opportunity to be nominated to the AAC board of directors

Becoming a Member

  1. Organizations should submit a letter requesting membership to the AAC. Letters should indicate the organization’s fit within the AAC’s sector groups.
  2. Requests are reviewed by the AAC’s executive committee who will make a recommendation to the AAC board of directors.
  3. Once an organization is approved for membership, the Board will ask the AAC’s membership to ratify the required by-law change at AAC’s next annual general meeting.
  4. On approval of membership, your organization will be assigned to an appropriate sector and a $150 membership fee will be applied.
  5. Sector elections for the AAC board of directors take place during the annual general meeting.

For more information about becoming a member please contact the AAC at1 (800) 769-3272 or