Canadian Agricultural Partnership - for Organizations and Collaborations

All cost-share funding assistance is merit-based, and project funding amounts are individually established based on the new and updated project categories. Cost-share funding will support targeted projects in three priority areas, under 19 different Project Categories, with research and innovation continuing to be important across all programming.

In order to obtain merit-based cost-share funding assistance for organizations and collaborations under the Partnership, you must be an eligible applicant, and you must submit an eligible project meeting the requirements defined for the Project Category. Project Category information can be found in Appendix 1 of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Cost-Share Funding Assistance Program Guide for Organizations and Collaborations and below. 

  • For Project Category descriptions click here
  • For pre-proposal and application templates click here
  • For communications guidelines and templates click here
  • For claims and reporting templates click here

Canadian Agricultural Partnership - for Organizations and Collaborations

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