CAP: Transition FAQs


When will my file be transferred to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)?

All project files will be transferred to OMAFRA on November 29, 2019.

I won’t have my claim ready for September 3, 2019, can I submit it to AAC after September 3?

If your claim is not submitted to AAC by September 3, 2019, you will have to wait and submit it to OMAFRA, after your Project file is transferred on November 29, 2019. If you require a claim payment for cash flow purposes, AAC encourages you to submit a claim for any expenses incurred to date by the September 3 deadline.

If I am preparing my claim and report for submission to OMAFRA after November 29, what templates do I use?

For claim and report due on November 30, 2019, you will use the templates available on the AAC website.

We are preparing communications materials for release in December 2019, if I don’t get them submitted to AAC on November 1, can I submit them after to make sure they get approved?

To ensure all communications materials are reviewed and approved, AAC will accept communications materials up to November 29, 2019; however, we encourage applicants to submit materials to AAC by November 1 to ensure a smooth transition of Project files. We understand that this may not be possible for all projects, and we will work with applicants on a case-by-case basis to ensure materials submitted after November 1 are approved or transferred to OMAFRA with the Project file on November 29.

When will OMAFRA staff contact me regarding the transition of my project?

OMAFRA is aiming to contact all applicants in mid-October to provide further information about the transition of your Project.

If I have a question for OMAFRA about the transfer of my file, who can I contact?

Your OMAFRA contact for your project will be Andrea Ruskova, Manager Business and Rural Investment Programs. She can be reached at 226-820-2268 or

What information will be transferred to OMAFRA on November 29?

All of the information from your project files will be transferred to OMAFRA, including, but not limited to: funding application, approved budget, agreement, claim documentation, reports, and approved communications materials.