CAP: Section J Detailed Steps from Pre-Proposal to Reporting

​Step 1: Pre-proposal

  • completing a pre-proposal is not required, but strongly encouraged
  • applicants can submit a pre-proposal prior to completing the full application form
  • pre-proposals provide AAC staff with an opportunity to review project ideas and provide feedback
  • AAC staff will provide feedback to your pre-proposal within 10 business days, either by telephone or email
  • any feedback offered will be in response to your pre-proposal only, and should not be considered an endorsement/approval of any application for funding that may be subsequently submitted. All final decisions regarding applications for funding are made by the AAC board of directors
  • pre-proposals received less than ten days before an intake deadline will be responded to after the application deadline
  • pre-proposal forms can be found at

Step 2: Enrolment

  • enroll your organization or collaboration through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Client Portal at
  • applicants must input an Operation ID into the application form. The Operation ID is generated from either the GF2 Client Portal or the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Client Portal at

Step 3: Application

  • application forms and intake deadlines can be found at:
  • for an application submission to be considered complete, the applicant must have a valid Operation ID, complete the application form in Word, budget in Excel, complete and sign the Declaration Form for the Applicant (and Collaboration Members, if applicable) and email all items to by 4:30 p.m. on the intake deadline, along with any additional items outlined on the Application Checklist (as provided in the application form)
  • AAC will confirm receipt of complete applications within one business day of the intake deadline
  • if an application submission is not considered complete, AAC will inform the applicant and the applicant can apply for a subsequent intake deadline

Step 4: Project Review

  • applications will be assigned to an AAC staff member who will be in contact with the applicant prior to the review by the AAC board of directors
  • applications will be reviewed by the AAC and by external third-party reviewers, and partners or advisors that are governed by confidentiality processes, as part of the due diligence review process
  • the AAC board of directors review is expected to occur within 45 business days from the application intake deadline
  • applicants will be notified as funding decisions are reached, usually within five business days from the posted board meeting date, following which selected applicants must enter into a funding agreement with AAC
  • the AAC board of directors reviews all applications and makes all final funding decisions, terms, conditions, and levels of funding using the program assessment criteria
  • if the project will impact an Indigenous Partner’s/Community’s aboriginal or treaty rights, the selected applicant may be subject to a duty to consult process

Step 5: Agreement

  • to receive funding for an approved project, a selected applicant must enter into a funding agreement with the AAC and comply with its terms and conditions for the duration of the project
  • funding will be provided as reimbursement payments throughout the project, upon the applicant providing AAC with claim documentation and progress/final reports
  • funding is project based and will be provided for a limited period, according to the terms of the selected applicants signed, funding agreement with AAC

Step 6: Claims and Project Reporting

  • claims and project report templates can be found at:
  • the claim must include all necessary documentation (i.e. listing of expenses, in-kind contributions, copies of invoices, copies of cancelled cheques, payroll ledgers, catering tracking form, etc.) to support expenses that have been incurred to date
  • reimbursement can only be provided for invoices that have been paid
  • costs incurred must reflect when goods and services are expected to be received, regardless of when payments are made
  • all expenses and in-kind contributions must be substantiated by auditable documentation
  • all incremental contract labour must be supported by time sheets
  • the AAC must be notified in writing, and approve of, any proposed changes to a project. Approved material changes will be reflected in an amended funding agreement
  • if project funding is not accessed according to the forecast provided, the AAC cannot guarantee that funds will be available for reimbursement
  • claim and progress reporting must be completed at minimum every six months for the duration of the project funding
  • applicants are required to submit interim claims to the AAC no later than June 30 for expenses incurred in the previous fiscal year (April 1 to March 31)
  • final reports must be accompanied by a completed project results survey
  • for all projects approved from December 2018 onwards, project costs must be incurred no later than December 1, 2020, and final claims, final reports and project results surveys must be submitted to AAC no later than January 4, 2021

  • where strong rationale is provided, to support critical components of projects approved from December 2018 onwards, project end dates may be extended to December 1, 2021 and final claims, final reports and project results surveys must be submitted to AAC no later than January 3, 2022