CAP: Section B How to Apply?

In order to obtain merit-based cost-share funding assistance under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, you must be an eligible applicant, and you must submit an eligible project meeting the requirements defined for the Project Category, under which the project is submitted, found in Appendix 1.

Applicants must enroll as an organization or collaboration in the Partnership Client Portal at to obtain an Operation ID. If you were enrolled as an organization or collaboration under GF2, you can use your GF2 username and password to login and update your information to obtain a new Operation ID for the Partnership.

Applicants must also set up an account for My AAC Online, at My AAC Online is an online project management system to help AAC applicants apply for funding and manage their projects. Only one My AAC Online account can be set up per organization/business. The Username and Password will be used by all individuals from your organization/business who require access to the project management system.

Applicants can submit a pre-proposal prior to completing the full application form. This step is not required, but strongly encouraged. This will provide AAC staff with an opportunity to review the project idea and provide feedback. Pre-proposal and application forms can be found at The full application process can be found in Section J. Detailed Steps from Pre-Proposal to Reporting.

Merit-based, cost-share funding is available to support projects across the Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s three priority areas, under 19 different Project Categories, each designed to target specific outcomes. Each Project Category includes eligible activities, eligible expenses, ineligible activities, ineligible expenses, priorities and target audiences for applicants to consider as they develop their projects defined for the Project Category, under which the project is submitted, found in Appendix 1. Project applications will be evaluated according to the General Assessment Criteria and Additional Assessment Criteria, when applicable as found in Section K. Projects that are well-aligned with the Project Category Priorities will be given higher consideration.

Not all Project Categories will be open in every application Intake period.