CAP: Economic Development

Investments will be made through the Partnership in Ontario’s agri-food and agri-products businesses and their value chains to expand markets, be more competitive, productive and profitable. These investments will continue to support the long-term sustainability of the agri-food and agri-products sector and their value chains.

Economic development programming targets funding in three areas: Business Analysis, Market Development, and Productivity.

Business Analysis

New and scaling–up Ontario agri-food and agri-products businesses face risks, including a need to strengthen practical business management skills in order to grow their businesses.  Organizations and collaborations have an opportunity to support businesses to compete in the marketplace through leadership development.

Market Development – Domestic and Exports, New, Scale-Up and Regional Opportunities

Organizations and collaborations can help new or expanding farm operations and food and agri-products processor businesses to reach the next level of production, sales and service and build their capacity to grow the sector domestically and/or globally. Building capacity also supports agri-food and agri-products businesses to develop and/or implement assurance systems which may help to retain existing markets or access new markets domestically and/or globally.

Exporting agri-food and agri-products is a complex undertaking and relies on a set of market specific skills and knowledge; risk-taking around product innovation and in-market lead generation; strong promotion and branding; and a system of informational, analytical and logistical supports. Informing and supporting organizations and collaborations through these processes will help to remove barriers for their business.

Productivity – Technology Solutions

Ontario’s agri-food and agri-products businesses face distinct labour productivity challenges that will have a significant impact on the competitiveness of agri-food and agri-products businesses. Organizations and collaborations can help support businesses along the value-chain to address these changes and to remain competitive.

There are a total of six project categories under the economic development priority area, focused on advancing outcomes under the Partnership.