CAP: Market Development: Accessing Markets and Development of Products or Processes - Domestic

Purpose of Project Category:

Projects will focus on supporting organizations and collaborations to implement marketing plans, develop new products or processes, develop skills, or conduct pilots or demonstrations that help access new domestic markets or retain existing domestic markets.

Target Audience – Who should apply?

Organizations and collaborations who are implementing an existing marketing plan, or undertaking a pilot or demonstration to benefit domestic market expansion or retention

Eligible Projects

  • Applicants must have conducted strategic analysis of the market opportunity in order to demonstrate the project has a high likelihood of success in accessing or retaining the market
  • Implementation of marketing plans
  • Pilot projects
  • Demonstrations
  • New product and process development

Project Category Priorities

  • Projects that focus on sector growth, with emphasis on new and developing sectors and smaller organizations with demonstrated opportunities to achieve sector growth through implementation of the project

Funding Available

  • Up to 50 per cent cost-share funding of total eligible costs
  • Requests for funding above 50 per cent must clearly demonstrate how project addresses the Innovation Rating Criteria and Project Category Priorities in order to be considered for up to 75 per cent funding of total eligible costs
  • Recommended cost-share up to $100,000 per project

Project Length

  • Projects approved from December 2018 onwards, to finish by December 1, 2020
  • Where strong rationale is provided, to support critical components of projects approved from December 2018 onwards, project end dates may be extended to December 1, 2021 and final claims, final reports and project results surveys must be submitted to AAC no later than January 3, 2022

Eligible Costs

  • Costs directly related to the activities noted below that are also consistent with Section F

Eligible Activities

  • Activities that are consistent with Section H
  • Activities related to technology, new products, new processes, equipment, developing new global and domestic markets to expand existing market share, or enter new markets
  • First time implementation of a marketing plan, including (but not limited to):
    • Brand development, focus groups or consumer studies;
    • In-store product demonstration
    • First time planning, organizing and/or participating in trade shows (beyond normal business) and other marketing events in Canada
    • Sales, marketing and promotional activities
    • Investigative domestic travel for the purpose of assessing new or emerging markets
  • Specially produced product samples (not from normal production) for market research, tradeshow and/or specific events (e.g. lab or pilot plant samples made specifically for marketing purposes)
  • Shipping product samples for tradeshows and not intended for re-sale
  • Adoption of best management practices, processes, technologies, or systems to meet established standards certifications for the purposes of accessing, or expanding a market
  • New product formulation, reformulation and process development
  • External technical-scientific resources to undertake improved nutritional value, or added health value
  • Labeling and packaging development and production for a trial run, excluding the cost of the actual production run of the packaging
  • One-time testing of products to meet established standards, certifications or market requirements, including analytical and quality testing
  • Training key personnel on project related new equipment, technology and processes
  • Understanding the logistics of delivery to new markets, including, but not limited to, components such as freight costs, feasibility, travel time, transportation modes, etc.
  • Pilots or demonstrations of innovative technologies, processes, practices, and systems

Ineligible Costs

  • See a list of general ineligible costs in Section G
  • Costs for projects that include Ontario specific promotional campaign or branding (including the use of Foodland Ontario logo)
  • Costs for product samples for in-store or in-market product demonstration produced from normal production
  • Costs for ongoing production of product packaging
  • Legal costs associated to the creation of a new entity

Ineligible Activities

  • See a list of general ineligible activities in Section H