CAP: Market Development: Assessment, Audit and Planning for Market Development

Purpose of Project Category:

Projects will focus on supporting organizations and collaborations to develop plans, assessments and audits to retain or access new domestic or export markets. Accessing new and emerging markets or expanding markets, both domestic and export represents growth opportunity, however requires capacity to support analysis and plan development.  In a competitive environment, sectors also are required to constantly monitor existing markets to ensure products are meeting customer need. Cost-share funding will allow organizations or collaborations to develop plans to analyze and assess opportunity and develop plans to access/retain domestic or export markets.

Target Audience – Who should apply?

Organizations and collaborations who demonstrate prior efforts for identifying and investigating the market opportunity in order to focus the project on activities that can help identify and address barriers to entry in a market or retaining a market

Eligible Projects

  • Developing plans to access domestic or export markets
  • Assessments
  • Conducting audits or analysis

Project Category Priorities

  • Projects that focus on sector growth by accessing and/or retaining new or existing markets (domestic or export)
  • Projects that address a specific new market opportunity or mitigates risks that require additional data or validation prior to implementation
  • Projects that demonstrate impact and/or benefits that go beyond their specific commodity
  • Projects that are in partnership with the appropriate industry partner(s).
  • Projects that demonstrate prior effort to identify and instigate a market opportunity that support the project activities to be undertaken

Funding Available

  • Up to 50 per cent cost-share funding of total eligible costs
  • Requests for funding above 50 per cent must clearly demonstrate how project addresses the Innovation Rating Criteria and Project Category Priorities in order to be considered for up to 75 per cent funding of total eligible costs
  • Recommended cost-share up to $100,000 per project

Project Length

  • Projects approved from December 2018 onwards, to finish by December 1, 2020
  • Where strong rationale is provided, to support critical components of projects approved from December 2018 onwards, project end dates may be extended to December 1, 2021 and final claims, final reports and project results surveys must be submitted to AAC no later than January 3, 2022

Eligible Costs

  • Costs directly related to the activities noted below that are also consistent with Section F

Eligible Activities

  • Activities that are consistent with Section H
  • Market analysis, research, assessment and trend monitoring for existing, modified or new products or markets
  • Development of business, marketing, strategic or export plans for developing a new market
  • Investigate regulatory requirements or standards for new markets
  • Initial audit or assessment for operations, cost of production or processes
  • Commercialization plan for a new product that has never been sold

Ineligible Costs

  • See a list of general ineligible costs in Section G
  • Costs for projects that include Ontario specific promotional campaign or branding (including the use of Foodland Ontario logo)
  • Costs for product samples for in-store or in-market product demonstration produced from normal production
  • Costs for ongoing production of product packaging

Ineligible Activities

  • See a list of general ineligible activities in Section H