CAP: Market Development: Supporting Incubators and Commercialization Centres

Purpose of Project Category:

Projects will focus on supporting regional incubation and commercial centres that provide new or updated programming activities to start up and/or scale up agri-food or agri-products companies. These centres will be encouraged to demonstrate how they will assist these new companies commercialize and launch themselves

Target Audience – Who should apply?

  • Only eligible Organizations submitting project applications will be considered in this project category.  Organizations only including regional incubators and commercialization centres focusing on agri-food or agri-products manufacturing.
  • Collaborations are not eligible to apply in this Project Category

Eligible Projects

  • Preference will be given for those projects focused on launching clients and products beyond the centres
  • Projects benefiting clients in Northern Ontario and Indigenous partners (Northern Ontario for the purposes of this program is consistent with the definition in the Northern Ontario Agri-Food Strategy - (

Project Category Priorities

  • Strong business plan that demonstrates value for money
  • Value for money and long-term sustainability outlook for the centres applying
  • Projects demonstrating significant return on investment including, new companies and products launched, and self-sustainability of the companies in terms of operating on their own and moving beyond the centres

Funding Available

  • Up to 75 per cent cost-share funding of total eligible costs, with applicants to provide clear rationale to support their level of funding requested and details of benefits to be achieved in the project. Funding considerations will include the nature of these centres, with on-going funding challenges, and the need to balance funds between assisting new clients and maintaining state of the art infrastructure
  • Applicants are not required to show alignment with the Innovation Rating Criteria 
  • Requests for funding above 50 per cent must clearly demonstrate how project addresses the Project Category Priorities, and include a strong business plan that demonstrates value for money in order to be considered for up to 75 per cent funding of total eligible costs
  • Recommended cost-share up to $100,000 per project

Project Length

  • Projects approved from December 2018 onwards, to finish by December 1, 2020
  • Where strong rationale is provided, to support critical components of projects approved from December 2018 onwards, project end dates may be extended to December 1, 2021 and final claims, final reports and project results surveys must be submitted to AAC no later than January 3, 2022

Eligible Costs

  • Costs directly related to the activities noted below that are also consistent with Section F
  • Consulting costs to hire specialized leadership
  • Per diem costs provided by a third party, where the costs are specific and relative to the execution of the project
  • Training and salary costs
  • Hiring costs – advertising and promotions
  • Travel costs related to specific activity/relevant to the execution of the project
  • Communications costs (computers/laptops, cell phones, etc.) relevant to the execution of the project
  • Capital costs related to programming of up to 10 per cent of the total eligible project costs

Eligible Activities

  • Activities that are consistent with Section H

Ineligible Costs

  • See a list of general ineligible costs in Section G

Ineligible Activities

  • See a list of general ineligible activities in Section H