CAP: Project Results Surveys

There are different Project Results Surveys for organizations and collaborations to complete, specific for each Project Category. If you are unsure of the survey your need to complete, you can ask your program coordinator or refer to the cover page of your funding agreement where it lists the Project Category and Type of Applicant for your project.  

The survey must be filled out using Adobe software, such as Adobe Reader or Adobe Pro. Other PDF reader software, including your internet browser, is not compatible with this form. If you use non-Adobe software, you may be prevented from filling out this form in its’ entirety, or the content that you enter may not save properly. If you do not already have Adobe software on your computer, you can download a free version here:

Once you have your form filled out, please return it by submitting the completed survey through My AAC Online when you submit your final report.

Protection and Assurance

Environmental Stewardship

Economic Development