Emergency Processing Fund Manitoba, Nunavut and Ontario

The Emergency Processing Fund for Manitoba, Nunavut and Ontario is now closed.

The agriculture and agri-food sector is a critical industry that produces safe, high-quality food for Canadians. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused rapid and urgent adaptation in Canada’s food system to be able to maintain food production in Canada, while protecting the health and safety of workers, their families and communities. As a result, Canadian food producers, processors, and manufacturers have taken on unexpected and exceptional activities associated with risk mitigation measures to manage health and safety during the pandemic and to be able to maintain Canada’s food production.

The Emergency Processing Fund (EPF) is a one-time, federal investment of up to $77.5 million to help companies located across Canada implement changes to safeguard the health and safety of workers and their families due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund also aims to aid companies to invest to improve, automate and modernize facilities to increase Canada’s food supply during COVID-19. The fund is one part of the greater Government of Canada response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Agricultural Adaptation Council is a third-party organization delivering Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Emergency Processing Fund for Manitoba, Nunavut and Ontario.


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