Greenhouse Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative

The purpose of the Greenhouse Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative (GCII) is to help maintain the competitiveness of Ontario’s commercial scale greenhouses in North American markets and its leadership position in developing and adopting innovative technology, and to encourage future investment and growth in the sector.

Through this initiative, financial support may be provided to interested growers who propose eligible activities which advance their individual business plans and meet the GCII criteria and objectives as further described in this Program Guide.

On November 30, 2018, the Province of Ontario announced a redesign to the way GCII will be delivered in order to maximize value and innovation in the sector. The streamlined program will result in additional innovative projects occurring in the greenhouse sector.

The redesigned program applies to greenhouse operations who submitted a complete application to the Agricultural Adaptation Council (AAC) by the September 28, 2018 deadline and do not have a signed agreement as of November 30, 2018. 


Program Timelines

Final Date for all Application Submissions - September 28, 2018 - Applications are no longer being accepted

Final Date for all Project Completion - September 30, 2019

Final Date to Submit Final Claim for Reimbursement,

with Final Report and Survey - October 31, 2019