Application Process

What is a complete application?

An application isn't considered to be complete until production area has been validated by OGVG, FCO &/or an audit of undeclared acres

What if I don't have a business plan?

You do not require a business plan to apply.  You can indicate that you do not have a formal plan and outline any general plans you have for your business in the application.

Applicants who do not have an existing business plan may apply for one-time funding of up to $5,000 to hire a consultant for this purpose. If allocated, the $5,000 will be considered as an activity and deducted from the total amount of eligible funding


How do I calculate my production area?

Production area is based on the number of square feet declared to a member organization: Flowers Canada (Ontario) (FCO) or the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG). Production area does not include walkways, staging area, header/boiler area, or storage areas, and packing areas. 

If you have production area not reported to FCO or OGVG, AAC will arrange for an on-site audit to verify your area after you submit your application. 


My operation has 1.2M sqft that I report to OGVG and 20,000 sq ft of propagation. Can I apply for them separately?

No. You would apply as one operation and you would be eligible for a maximum notional allocation based on 1.2M sq ft, the maximum eligible for the program.

I have been approved for funding under GF2 for an activity. Can I apply for funding for the same activity under GCII?

Expenses incurred for activities where funding has been applied for and/or received from any other government sources, including Growing Forward 2 are ineligible.

Is medicinal marijuana eligible for the program?

No. Eligible applicants only include those operations that grow or propagate vegetables, fruit, culinary herbs, or floriculture and are at least 20,000 sq ft of production area as of March 23, 2017.