GCII: Production Area Declaration (FCO/OGVG Members)

GCII Applicants who are a member of Flowers Canada (Ontario) (FCO) and/or the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) must complete the Production Area Declaration Form and submit to their respective organization for verification. The member organization will acknowledge the receipt of the declaration. A GCII application will not be considered until this Declaration Form has been received by AAC from the organization. All information provided must be true and accurate as of March 23, 2017.

Submit the completed declaration form to your respective organization(s):

Flowers Canada (Ontario) Inc.

45 Speedvale Avenue East, Unit 7, Guelph, ON  N1H 1J2

Phone: 1-800-698-0113

Fax: (519) 836-7529

Email: lynda@fco.ca

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

32 Seneca Road, Leamington, ON  N8H 5H7

Phone: 1-800-265-6926

Fax: 519 326 7842

Email: admin@ogvg.com

AAC shall determine the maximum amount of funding available to any one applicant based on a rate of $0.14/square foot of an applicant’s production area as of March 23, 2017, to a maximum of 1.2 million square feet, where production area is based on:

  • the number of square feet an applicant as a member of either FCO or OGVG has declared to their respective association, as confirmed through completion of the Production Area Declaration Form, or;

if an applicant is not a member of FCO or OGVG, or the production/propagation area falls outside of the FCO/OGVG regulations, then

  • the number of square feet as confirmed by an audit, to be coordinated and approved by AAC.

Production area does not include walkways, staging area, header/boiler area or storage and packing areas.