Greenhouse Renewable Energy Technologies (GRET) R&D Initiative Frequently Asked Questions



Who can apply for project funding through GRET?

Eligible applicants include any organization/company/research institution involved in a project benefiting the greenhouse sector in Ontario. The applicant must be a legally recognized entity located and actively operating in Ontario. Applicants must maintain a minimum of $2,000,000 of general liability insurance.

When is my application due?

All required application materials must be submitted to the AAC by Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 4:30 p.m.

What types of projects can be funded through the GRET R&D Initiative?

Projects will be funded under two categories: 

Undertake a pilot-scale demonstration project of a renewable energy technology with potential for future integration into greenhouse operations across Ontario and greenhouse gas reductions; or

Undertake a study to assess the feasibility of using a renewable energy technology within a greenhouse production system (i.e. fulfills greenhouse energy needs), promoting innovation to develop more clean-technology processes and products.

Are cannabis projects eligible under the GRET program?

No. The GRET program is limited to projects dealing with vegetables, fruits, culinary herbs, or floriculture. 

Can an applicant review the application with an AAC staff member and obtain feedback prior to the deadline submission on July 13?

No, as this is a Call for Proposals, feedback cannot be provided before the deadline. Questions can be asked in advance and they will be posted on the AAC website. 

I have a letter of support for my project, how and when do I submit it?

Letters of support should be submitted via email with the application submission. AAC encourages applicants to obtain the letter of support prior to applying and submit with the application. If a letter is pending on July 13, make reference to it in your covering email and let us know when you expect to receive it.   

What if I have not completed a feasibility study for my pilot scale demonstration?

If you have not completed a feasibility study and still wish to submit an application, you should make note in the covering email why you have not completed the feasibility study. The reasoning will be taken into consideration before the project is shared with the review committee.