GRET: GRET R&D Initiative Approved Projects

There were three projects approved for the GRET R&D Initiative.

University of Windsor

  • Project Title: Greenhouse Solar Energy System to Reduce Carbon and Grid Dependency
  • Project: This project will investigate both the technical and economic feasibility of a Solar Energy System (SES) designed to reduce the reliance on carbon fuels for commercial greenhouses in Ontario. The feasibility process would focus on maximizing the return on investment for growers, as well as delivering strategic economic and environmental goals for all stakeholders. A sensitivity analysis will also be conducted to assess which factors contribute most significantly to the economic feasibility of the project including fuel and electricity prices, capital, operating costs, carbon fees, and potential government incentive schemes.
  • Funding Approved: $98,000
  • Project Category: Feasibility 

Flowers Canada (Ontario) Inc.

  • Project Title: Demonstration of energy-saving dehumidification in Ontario greenhouses
  • Project: This project will analyze energy recovery dehumidification technologies that largely circumvent greenhouse ventilation and associated heat losses. A pilot demonstration at a flower and an herb greenhouse will be completed where commercially available energy recovery dehumidification systems will be installed and monitored. Dehumidification systems can be evaluated side-by-side in replicate zones and compared to traditional venting system. The herb farm will compare DryGair and Agam technologies, and the flower grower will compare DryGair, Agam, and Nortek ERV technologies in approximately half-acre trial zones. A pilot demonstration of a modified ERV dehumidification/energy recovery system at a one-acre commercial vegetable greenhouse, comparing a baseline year to a year with the technology will be completed.

  • Funding Approved: $545,824

  • Project Category: Pilot-Scale Demonstration

Heliene Inc.

  • Project Title: Wavelength Selective Greenhouse Photovoltaics Demonstration

  • Project: Through this project, wavelength-selective greenhouse integrated photovoltaic panels ("LUMO") will be installed into a 0.5 acre commercial greenhouse space located at Greenbelt Microgreens located in Gormley, Ontario. This project is the pilot test of a semi-transparent solar paneling system on a commercialized sized greenhouse. Greenbelt will monitor their commercial production of lettuce and microgreens under the LUMO portion of the greenhouse and compare it to the clear glass portion of the greenhouse. This will generate a direct comparison in a commercial growing environment. Crop production and power production will be evaluated for 1 year to illustrate the ability to co-utilize solar photovoltaics and land for crops in the province.

  • Funding Approved: $281,176

  • Project Category: Pilot-Scale Demonstration