Ontario Regional Priorities Partnership Program

Ontario Genomics (OG) is partnering with the Agricultural Adaptation Council (AAC) and Genome Canada (GC) to deliver the new Ontario Regional Priorities Partnership Program (RP3).  This regionally-focused program will be an open funding competition for Proof-of Concept (PoC)-stage projects that will deliver genomics-derived solutions for industry-identified challenges and opportunities within the Ontario agriculture and agri-food sector. To ensure maximum impact, eligible research topics will be focused on the priority areas identified in the sector strategy report, Genomics for Agriculture & Agri-Food: Ontario’s Strategic Opportunity.


  • Develop industry-academic partnerships that will drive the adoption of genomics-derived technologies, tools and processes to advance the Ontario agriculture and agri-food sector

  • Address industry-identified challenges and/or opportunities in the agriculture and agri-food sector and demonstrate the readiness of genomics solutions for implementation

  • Achieve the benefits of genomic discoveries by bridging the gap between applied research and implementation

Key Parameters of the Program

  • Eligible Projects: Proof-of-concept stage projects with a clear plan for implementation within two years or less of project completion. 
  • Eligible Applicants: Projects must be co-led by an Industry Lead and an Academic Lead, both based in Ontario.
  • Funding Available: Up to $2 million.
  • Project Size: $375,000 - $500,000 total project budget; smaller projects of at least $150,000 will be considered if they are well-justified and still meet the review criteria.
  • Co-funding: 1/3 of the total project budget must be obtained from eligible sources including the Industry Lead. A minimum of 1/6 of the total project budget must be in the form of cash obtained from the Industry Lead.
  • Funding Duration: One to three years, beginning no earlier than July 1, 2019 and ending no later than June 30, 2022.
  • Communications Plan: Projects must present a strong plan to communicate the project outcomes to a broad audience.

Project Eligibility:

To be considered eligible, projects must:

  1. Respond to the objectives and intent of the ON-RP3 program
  2. Have an eligible Industry Lead and Academic Lead located in Ontario and demonstrate that the project being funded will be performed in, and benefit Ontario
  3. Put forward a genomics or genomics-derived solution (technologies, tools and processes) for an agriculture and agri-food sector-driven challenge or opportunity
  4. Align within one or more of the outlined strategic priorities listed below
  5. Build on existing research/preliminary data to demonstrate proof-of-concept by the end of the funding period
  6. Provide a plan that demonstrates how implementation will be achieved within two years or less of project completion
  7. Provide a communications plan

Program Inquiries:

Erin Genge, Program & Communications Coordinator at info@adaptcouncil.org

519-822-7554 ext 664