ONRP3: Communications Guidelines

Applicant Communications Guidelines

Funding Acknowledgement Logo Bars

When sharing Ontario Regional Priorities Partnership Program (ON-RP3) project information and outcomes (i.e. news releases/articles, presentations, scientific journals/posters, reports/studies, videos, websites, etc.), communications products must be reviewed and approved by the Agricultural Adaptation Council (AAC), Ontario Genomics (OG), and Genome Canada (GC) prior to print and/or distribution. The Communications and Data Sharing Plan for your project is outlined in Section 7 of your application.

Review Process:

  • All materials should include the ON-RP3 logos and/or the tagline. Electronic versions of the logos and communications products templates can be accessed on the AAC website.
  • Project communications products should be emailed to Erin Genge, in a format that can be edited (i.e. doc, docx, pptx, etc.). In the email, provide the following information: Means of Distribution, Target Audience, Expected Reach, Targeted Release Date. Note: draft communications products will not be accepted for review, ensure all edits are made before submitting the final product.
  • AAC will complete a preliminary review of the communications product before forwarding the piece for further review by OG and GC.
  • Upon final approval, the product will be emailed back to the applicant
  • The review process takes approximately seven to ten (7-10) business days for standard communication products. Please allow adequate time for this review.
  • If you are submitting numerous products at one time or products that are lengthy or technical in nature, additional review time may be required.

Logo Usage:

  • All logos must be surrounded by ample white space, free from any distracting elements
  • Logos cannot be incorporated into a headline, phrase or sentence
  • Logos need to be consistent with each other in size, density, weight and colour
  • Logos should appear in equal height on the same line in the following order: Genome Canada (left justified), Ontario Genomics, Agricultural Adaptation Council (right justified)
  • If you are including the logo for the Academic Lead and/or Industry Lead with the AAC, OG and GC identifiers, contact the AAC before you finalize your communications products and we can update the logo bar for you


This project was funded in part through the Ontario Regional Priorities Partnership Program (ON-RP3), a collaborative initiative between the Agricultural Adaptation Council, Ontario Genomics, and the Government of Canada through Genome Canada.

Social Media:

If you are sharing approved communications products or project updates through Twitter, we encourage you to use #OntarioRP3 and tag @adaptcouncil, @ontariogenomics and @genomecanada.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Erin Genge, Program & Communications Coordinator

Email: egenge@adaptcouncil.org

Phone: 519-822-7554 ext. 664